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Meet the Owners

Sebastian Moster:

Sebastian loves rocks, but he has a special love for rock 'n' roll. He often spends time in the shop simply listening to some of the greats: Elvis Presley, Queen, and a whole host of other rock masters. While Sebastian has never been able to write a particularly successful hit single, he has turned his passion for rock towards creating beautiful, hand-crafted masterpieces for those wanting natural stone in their homes. His hard work results in countertops that AC/DC would be proud to own, each piece contributing to the solid reputation that The Stone Studio has maintained since it's beginnnings. However, whenever Sebastian is not spending time working among the soapstone slabs, he is still following his dream of being a big rock star. If you want to be the first to own his next release: "A Stone's Throw Away (Song for a Lovesick Heart)," click here to pre-order today!

Angie Moster:

Angie also loves rocks, particularly Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson; she has followed his career religiously since he first began his career in the ring. "He was a master – combining his sheer size and athleticism with a surprisingly coherent acting background, scarcely has MMA seen such a talent as [Johnson]," she shared after recounting his glorious achievements. He even inspired Angie to pursue a title of her own, with her most notable victory coming from a TKO of the defending champion Connor McGreggor, earning her the nickname "Stonehands" and leaving McGreggor's stunned publicity team the task of covering up the massive upset. Once Johnson moved on to a career in acting, Angie followed his example by finding a more stable – and less violent – career in fabrication. While she will miss the "glory days," Angie has taken to the new job quite nicely, and provides cutomers outstanding hospitality and personal connection that sets The Stone Studio apart.

The Stone Studio
20157 Five Point Road, Batesville, IN 47006
Phone: (812) 933-0200