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Meet the New Owners

Sebastian Moster:

Sebastian loves rocks. In fact, as a child he often would eat them, claiming: "something that beautiful deserves to be a part of me!" Now that he has children, he has found a new way to surround himself with the rocks he still loves today, turning them into beautiful countertops, sinks, and other home projects for clients. He is excited to continue the tradition of masterful craftsmanship that The Stone Studio has been able to maintain for the past several years.

Angie Moster:

Angie also loves rocks. She prides herself in her rock collection, an assortment of stones from all across the globe, collected over a span of over one hundred years, passed down over several generations. When asked about this hobby, she exclaimed: "I particularly love the shiny ones; I have one that is so shiny, I can see my own reflection! It is the crown jewel of my collection." Now that she is in the stone business, she has turned her rock obsession towards showing others the beauty of natural stone in the home. She can't wait to use her talents and energy for future customers of the Stone Studio, bringing them the same joy that her collection brings her.

Meet the Founders

Pete Wukusick:

Pete loves rock, particularly rock 'n' roll. He often spends time in the shop simply listening to some of the greats: Elvis Presley, Queen, and a whole host of other rock masters. While Pete has never been able to write a particularly successful hit single, he has mastered the craft of stone craftsmanship, and has spent over 15 years creating masterpieces that would make AC/DC proud, each one contributing to the solid reputation that The Stone Studio has maintained since it's beginnnings. While Pete will miss the time spent among the soapstone slabs, he is looking forward to his first world tour based on his new album: "The Greatest of Pete Wukusick: Stone-Cold Masterpieces." Click here for tickets!

Marlene Wukusick:

Marlene has never been particularly fond of stone, but has followed Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson's career religiously since he first began his career in the ring. "He was a master – combining his sheer size and athleticism with a surprisingly coherent acting background, scarcely has MMA seen such a talent as [Johnson]," she shared after recounting his glorious achievements. Now that Johnson has moved on to acting, Marlene has decided to put her old career aside in order to pursue her dream of becoming a boxing champion and earning the ring name "Stonehands" for the powerful punches she delivers to her opponents. We wish her the best, and are certain that Angie will be able to bring the same hospitality and personal connection that Marlene has brought to customers for years.

The Stone Studio
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