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It is beautiful, durable, & well suited for home use. Why use a synthetic substitute?

Natural stone is prefered by builders and fabricators.

Natural stone is time-tested, repairable, and performs well under all kinds of conditions. It makes sense that fabricators would be less enthusiastic about a material with a warranty that is void when it comes in contact with high temperatures, when it is exposed to sunlight from a window, or when spills are not wiped up quickly enough. It's no surprise that natural stone is still the go-to selection for high-end or historic homes. Synthetic materials come and go. Natural stone holds steady.

No two are exactly alike--it is as unique as you are!

Natural stone is found in an array of different colors and patterns. Granite, the most well-known of the natural stone varieties, has too many varieties to name but the options are multiplied when you consider marble, quartzite, soapstone, limestone, shist, onyx...the list goes on and on. And each and every stone is one-of-a-kind!

Natural Stone is the countertop material that all others try to emulate!

The mineral makeup of each individual stone is what creates the beautiful colors and unique patterns of the stone you ultimately choose for your home. It has a beauty and depth of color that can't be imitated. No "cookie-cutter" look is found in nature.

Natural Stone is environmentally friendly!

Countertop selection is often the first place people look to when opting to go gree. Natural stone (especially soapstone) is a top choice for the environmentally-friendly. Read more here.

Learn more specifics about stone:

Natural stone has many advantages over synthetic materials: it is more durable, beautiful, and is resistant to various stresses that are common in the average household. For example, soapstone is completely non-porus and heat proof, granite is exceptionally impervious to stains and is resistant to abrasion. As surface materials, these options are hard to beat! You can read more about each type of stone by selecting one of the page options below.

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